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Certification of cultivated African mahogany forest and wood

Certification of the cultivated African mahogany forest

The international certification of the forest is a guarantee of the origin of the wood and the management of cultivation, which allows the buyer the option to choose a differentiated product with greater added value, reaching a more demanding public. Production occurs without degradation of the environment and contributes to the social and economic development of forest communities.

The green seal, recognized worldwide and present in more than 75 countries, is the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which aims to disseminate good practices in the rational use of the forest, allowing its long-term existence. To this end, a set of strict international standards must be followed. To obtain the seal, it is necessary to attend all stages of the certification production chain. A product with the FSC seal will have a higher added value, being able to open new markets, in addition to being able to be traced throughout its production chain. It is believed that certified wood has, on average, an 8.5% higher price than wood without a proven track record.

Source: https://www.ibflorestas.org.br/

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