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Tips for planting African Mahogany

Tips for planting African Mahogany.

Perform soil analysis:
If you already have the planting site or are looking for one, keep in mind that you should do the soil analysis to see if it is suitable for growing African Mahogany.

Pay attention to climatic factors:
The humid and subtropical tropical climate are those recommended by experts for the cultivation of African Mahogany. But, it is also important to consider the time when the planting will be carried out, ensuring good rainfall levels and the absence of frosts.

Hiring staff:
You can be the direct contractor for the construction team, which includes technician / field manager positions, tractor and machine operators and general service workers. But, it is also possible to outsource this implementation service, hiring a specialized company that may represent a better cost / benefit option.

Source: mercadoflorestal.com.br

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