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Most common mistakes in handling African mahogany

Most common mistakes in handling African mahogany:

When it comes to the commercial reforestation of African mahogany, there are a series of precautions and details that must be considered at the time of management in order to be successful in planting and to avoid unpleasant surprises during the development of the forest. These precautions must be detailed in the forest planning.

Soil preparation:
One of the most common mistakes is not taking care of the soil beforehand and putting the seedlings in the field. The analysis of the soil and the identification of which nutrients must be corrected must be made, proceeding in a timely manner to the required correction and fertilization.

Not knowing the planting location:
African mahogany, being an exotic species, does not adapt to regions where there is the occurrence of frosts or very humid areas. For this reason, its cultivation is indicated in hot regions and with a rainfall index above 800 mm per year.

Financial viability project:
It is not enough just to know if the culture you want to plant will develop well in that region. It is also essential to consider the economic viability of the forestry business. For example, extremely poor soil is already an indicator that it will be necessary to acquire a large volume of inputs, thus increasing the value of the initial investment of the project.

Source: https://www.ibflorestas.org.br

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