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Is it possible to take preventive action to combat ants before planting seedlings?

The control of leaf-cutting ants is not preventive. It is corrective and should be made for any forest or agricultural crop. In the culture of African mahogany, for example, control can be carried out in the pre-cutting, pre-planting, post-planting and maintenance phases. The control of pre-cutting, in areas of reform, and pre-planting, in areas of implantation, are very important steps for the formation of a forest with low infestation of anthills.

In pre-cutting the control of leaf-cutting ants can be carried out up to 150 days before cutting. If manual or mechanical mowing is required to eliminate understory, apply the bait 30 days after the intervention. Pre-planting control in implantation areas can be carried out 30 to 120 days before planting. Post-planting is used if damage to seedlings is seen and maintenance control is performed annually in the forest. It is worth mentioning that the control of leaf-cutting ants should be the first activity in areas that have not been cultivated before, that is, before the soil preparation with agricultural machines.

Source: www.ibflorestas.org.br

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