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Consortium System.

Coffee, cocoa, black pepper, banana, coconut, papaya, mango, passion fruit, corn, pupunha palm and manioc are examples of crops that can be planted with African Mahogany. This cultivation modality, which encompasses more than one crop, is known as intercropping.

Consortium planting is indicated for foresters and rural producers who seek to diversify the medium and long term revenue.

This type of intercropped planting has excellent results, as African Mahogany provides shading and breaks the wind, so that the cultivation of these other crops does not suffer from gusts of wind or excessive full sun. In this way, mahogany is able to provide more quality for the development of the consortium culture.

Spacing is crucial for the development of a forest, therefore, one must always be accompanied by a professional specialized in the area to study the feasibility of implementation as well as the financial feasibility.

Source: www.ibflorestas.org.br

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