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Chemical Analysis of Soil and its Importance.

The assessment of soil fertility begins with soil sampling, as it is based on chemical analysis that the degree of insufficiency or sufficiency is established, enabling corrections of deficiencies and elements harmful to cultivation.

For sample collection, the zigzag method is the most used for small producers and for producers who do not have resources such as GPS devices. In this context, it is indicated to divide the area into empirically homogeneous lots of up to 10 hectares each (same topographic position, soil color, texture, previous crop or vegetation, fertilization and previous liming). Subsequently, traverse the zigzag area by removing between 8 and 12 soil samples with a auger (or shovel). Another important detail is to avoid taking samples near sheds, fertilizer storage areas, roads, anthills or termite mounds or that contain many animal feces.

Source: www.ibflorestas.org.br

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