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As Main Environmental Laws in Brazil.

Environmental legislation in Brazil is considered one of the most complete and advanced in the world.

New Brazilian Forest Code (Law 12.651 – 2012)
Provides for the preservation of native vegetation and repeals the Brazilian Forest Code of 1965,
Environmental Crimes Law (Law 9,605 – 1998)
It deals with criminal and administrative issues with regard to actions harmful to the environment.
National Environment Policy (Law 6.938 – 1981)
Provides for the National Environment Policy, its Purposes and Formulation and Application Mechanisms, and provides other measures.
Fauna Law (Law 5.197 – 1967)
This Law provided measures to protect fauna.
National Water Resources Policy (Law 9.433 – 1997)
Institutes national water resources policy and system.
National System of Nature Conservation Units (Law 9,985 – 2000)
Among its objectives are the conservation of varieties of biological species and genetic resources, the preservation and restoration of the diversity of natural ecosystems and the promotion of sustainable development based on natural resources.
Environmental Protection Area (Law 6.902 – 1981)
Establishes guidelines for the creation of Ecological Stations and Environmental Protection Areas (APA’s).
Agricultural Policy (Law 8,171 – 1991)
This law aims at protecting the environment and establishes the obligation to recover natural resources for companies that economically exploit dammed water and for electricity concessionaires.

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