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Noble native or exotic forests?

The planting of exotic noble forests ends up being made easier since the documentation, planting and cutting records are more simplified. This is because the legislation is stricter on the trade in native wood, to tackle deforestation and illegal extraction of native forests.
Of the exotic species, African Mahogany is a good option for cultivation in Brazil, since the local edaphoclimatic conditions are consistent with its continent of origin. The species has good profitability, rapid growth and characteristics similar to Brazilian Mahogany. Its shallow cut occurs between 17 and 25 years of age, while a purple ipe tree reaches biological maturity only after 25 years, for example.
Noble native or exotic forests play a fundamental role in preserving the environment and biodiversity. It is worth remembering that the commercial planting of trees directly collaborates with sustainability, since it meets the pillars of the environmental, economic and social environment.
Source: https://poloflorestal.com.br/

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