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Brazil in the ranking of International Exports of forest products.

Thanks to the growth in production by Brazilian forestry companies and the international demands for products in this segment, Brazil has become one of the largest countries in the ranking of international exporters of forest products, gaining a privileged position and gaining competitiveness among traditional countries in the pulp business , such as Finland and Sweden. Significant changes have also occurred, over the years, in the domestic and international forest products market, through the expansion of existing markets and the emergence of new markets and new products that basically use reforestation wood, both in Brazil and abroad.
The tropical hardwood market has a general trend of increasing the price of m³. The sawn tropical hardwood has an average price above 500 dollars. However, there are wood species that have gained more notoriety due to the high value in the international market, as is the case of African mahogany, whose sawn and dry wood is around $ 1,250 approximately.
Regarding forest productivity, Brazil’s competitive advantage is unquestionable, which leads the ranking of productivity level per hectare (ha), followed by China, Indonesia and Australia. Taking into account the environmental factor, the exploitation of natural forests in the Amazon in Brazil is in a delicate position, increasing the environmental cost of exploiting wood from natural areas every day. In this context, it is estimated that the production of native Amazon wood in private areas is expected to fall by 64% over the next 20 years.
Source: https://www.ibflorestas.org.br

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