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Innovative form of investment


California Wood Investment brings an innovative form of investment through the cultivation of commercial African mahogany forests. It focuses on attracting long-term investors, in a field still little explored in Brazil. In this business conception, the central objective is to bring to the market a new form of investment, highly profitable, based on the cultivation and management of commercial hardwood forests.
Our emphasis is on planning future earnings that behave like a pension plan for small investors. It can also correspond to ways of diversifying the investment portfolio for large funds and institutional investors. The main goal is to multiply the capital used in the constitution of forest planting and to privilege, in a bilateral way, investing clients and the company, in a complementary and ethical manner. The vision seeks to provide profits far superior to those currently practiced by the market and, mainly, in an environmentally sustainable way, with social responsibility.


California Wood Investment started from the idea of ​​transforming a personal retirement project into an innovative product for pension insurance and investment diversification, made available to the entire market in a democratic manner. Today, at Fazenda California, in the municipality of Presidente Olegário-MG, a plantation of African mahogany (Khaya senegalensis) has been planted since November 2015, privately instituted and intended for the future commercialization of hardwood. Based on this experience and for a bold and peculiar maneuver, California Wood Investment emerges, a recently founded institution, but with great visibility, currently punctuated as a highlight in the pilot planting of African mahogany (Khaya senegalensis) in the country. The high performance achieved is due to the choice of seedlings selected for the cultivation of mahogany, coming from IBF nurseries, and the specific infrastructure and agricultural management for planting.
California Wood Investment’s proposal: to start from this successful private enterprise (Fazenda California) and expand the planting model, in order to transform it into a large business organization in the long term. Within the goals established initially, the main objectives will be: to open space for the participation of ordinary people and of pension funds and corporate investments; operate in the market in a competitive manner and capitalize on investors that support activities with attractive profit margins, developed in a sustainable manner, with social responsibility. Fazenda California already has 34 hectares of newly planted African mahogany, to be harvested in an average period of twenty-one years. The farm already has specialized machinery and a duly trained and qualified workforce, offering all the necessary know-how for the success of the investment.
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