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Forestry enterprise

THE FARM Forestry enterprise California Wood Investment (CWI) is a company founded in 2015, with a focus on forest planting and commercialization of hardwood. Our specialty is African mahogany (Khaya genus), whose adaptation to the Brazilian savannah, its peculiar resistance and its high commercial value have made it our business choice. Respecting all the requirements of Organs regulatory bodies, our corporate policy is based on compliance with the laws, the preservation of native springs and forests and the inalienable purpose of applying the best existing administrative and technical practices for our enterprise. We currently have a commercial planting, on an experimental basis, of 35 hectares of African mahogany in the species Khaya senegalensis, started in November 2015, with surprising results. Today, with just over two years of planting, we have an average forest height of over 5 meters, with plants exceeding 7 meters in height. We have prepared professionals, trained staff and a ready and active infrastructure, making our planting grow homogeneously. We have an unremitting search for excellence. Our goal is business growth with social responsibility and respect for the environment and sustainability. Come and meet us:


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                                                                                      Fonte: IEB( instituto internacional no brasil)

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